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Channel Connect - OTA Distribution

What is it?

The Channel Connect interface integrates SynXis CR directly to the third-party travel sites. This enables hoteliers to conveniently manage multiple points of distribution (OTA and meta-search engines) in a single place, thus increasing the number of third-party travel sellers is able to partner with. Integration enables hotels to better differentiate their products by providing information such as channel specific rates and inventory directly to the retail points of sale. Additionally, using the Channel Connect allows hotels to use the data stored in SynXis CR to power a fully customized booking engine. The convenience of a centralized point of ARI management also helps maintain rate parity across both direct and indirect channels.

Why use it?

• Access to thousands of properties globally
• Change Discovery to reduce shopping volumes and increase cache accuracy
• Real time availability of ARI (availability, rates and inventory)
• Seamless reservation delivery
• Access to hotel content
• Hoteliers to build a Custom Booking Engine for their hotel or chain

Channel Connect - OTA Distribution