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CKI Passenger Check-in IATCI

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What is it?

Each airline defines what pre-defined check-in information is required before a boarding pass can be issued. Therefore when the request is performed, the service verifies the entire passenger itinerary to determine if any check-in required information is missing (e.g. gender, passport information, and more) before issuing a boarding pass. If any pre-defined check-in passenger information is not provided, the service returns an error message advising which information is missing. It is the client’s responsibility to provide the screen requesting the required missing information.

Why use it?

The Airport Check-In(ACI) PassengerCheckinIatci service enables the check-in of a single or multiple passengers, and issues the corresponding boarding pass for an IATCI flight.

How it works

The PassengerCheckinIatci service facilitates:

  • The check-in of a single or multiple passengers.
  • The issuing of a boarding pass of an IATCI flight (OA/Codeshare).

The system issues boarding pass data only if the passenger(s) has all pre-defined check-in documentation required for the entire itinerary.

How to use

The PassengerCheckinIatci service enables the client to check-in a passenger or a group of passengers simultaneously on an OA carrier. The client has to enter the following details of the passenger(s):

  • Their flight itinerary information such as the airline code, flight number, departure city and departure date.
  • Their check-in by seat. This option enables the check-in of a passenger(s) into a specific seat (if available) or request a desired seat characteristic such as window, aisle, or other.
  • Check-in of multiple passengers. In the case of a group of passengers, you will need to enter the IDs of all the passengers.
  • Boarding pass print format.