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Web Red App Template

Web Module

In order to create a basic web Red App module from template, you will need to have the Sabre Concierge Tool installed. To create the web module in your working directory, please run this command in console:

ngv init

You will be prompted to enter the following additional information to complete creation of the web module:

  • Bundle Symbolic Name

A Bundle Symbolic Name will be used to create a proper web module name, it is required that the Bundle Symbolic Name is in reverse domain name notation, for example:


this will result in the following web module name:

When creating multiple Red Apps, please ensure that bundle symbolic name is unique for each Red App.
  • Bundle Name

Name of the RedApp.

  • Author

Name of the Red App’s author.

  • Contact Details

    • E-Mail

    • Phone number

    • Company name

    • Contact person

    • Website (optional)

  • Red App Id (optional)

If you do not have a Red App Id yet, it can be added to the web Red App later, either by directly adding the value in <your-web-module>/src/manifest.json, for example:

  "bundleSymbolicName": "com.sabre.sample",
  "redappId": "YOUR_REDAPP_ID",
  "contactDetails": {
    "author": "Sabre Inc",
    "email": "",
    "phone": "123-456-789",
    "companyName": "Sabre Inc",
    "contactPerson": "SRW Developers",
    "website": ""

or by using another command:

ngv export