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Web Modules Overview

Web Modules

A Web Module is a main component of a Web Red App. It contains TypeScript source files and static resources. Additionally, it contains main configuration files like manifest.json and package.json. Web Modules are being executed in a context of a web browser so all the APIs and functionalities available in the web browser can be used by Web Modules as well.

Technologies behind SR360

Web Red Apps are built using many different technologies, which does not mean that Red App developers use all of them directly. The main ones used to create Red Apps are:

You will find full list of external dependencies available for Red App developers in the SDK in webmodules/tools/offline-bundle/node_modules/sabre-ngv-app/package.json file.

Use of additional dependencies

Currently, the Web Module part of Red App does not support the use of additional dependencies. Red App developers are limited to using dependencies provided in the Sabre Red 360 Software Development Kit. If other JavaScript packages will be used, then Red App validation will fail during the Sabre Central Marketplace Admin Centre verification.

TypeScript API provided by SDK

In addition, the SDK provides a set of TypeScript APIs that Red App can use to interact with Sabre Red 360.