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Using Your Sabre ID and Other IDs

After you and Sabre agree on all terms, Sabre assigns a Sabre ID and PCC. This ID grants access to the PRODUCTION and CERT environments of Sabre Red 360 and the Sabre GDS (host). The Sabre ID and PCC are the same in both environments, but the passwords for each environment differ.


Your CERT Sabre ID and PCC log you in to the following systems:

  • Sabre Red 360 in development mode

  • CERT environment of the Sabre GDS from Sabre emulator

  • CERT Sabre Red 360


Your PROD Sabre ID and PCC log you in to the following systems and sites:

  • PROD environment of the Sabre GDS from Sabre emulator

  • PROD Sabre Red 360

  • Sabre Central. You can access resources and also identify troubleshooting resources using this site.

  • Sabre Central Marketplace Admin Centre. Sabre Central Marketplace Admin Centre is used to manage Red Apps, upload new versions and submit proposals.

Sabre GDS passwords expire after 45 days without activity. To avoid automatic expiration of your passwords, you are advised to log in to each environment of the Sabre GDS regularly. You must also reset or change your passwords every 90 days.
For help with login credentials and using the Sabre GDS, refer to Red Apps FAQs. In particular, see the following sections in the FAQs: "Sabre Login Issues" and "Sabre GDS Help".

Other IDs

Other IDs that you may use are described as follows.

  • DevStream. Sabre assigns you another ID to access the Red Apps group in the DevStream community, where you can contact other Red App Certified providers and Sabre resources for questions or comments on developing Red Apps.

  • Developer Resource Center website. If you have the proper agreements to use Sabre Web Services, you also receive a login ID for this repository. This repository contains all documentation and resources for developing with Sabre Web Services.