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Using help

This Help system consists of three main components:

  • Toolbar that allows you to work within navigation pane on the navigation pane on the left and the main pane on the right.
  • Navigation pane on the left side of the window that contains the Table of Contents, Index, Search, Glossary, and Favorites areas.
  • Main pane that shows the text for a specific topic.

For more information, click one of the following:





Go back to the previously viewed topic.

Go forward to the topic you viewed after the current topic. This only applies if you have used the Back button.

Open the Print window where you can print the topic currently shown.

Show or hide the navigation pane.

Remove highlighting from words found during a search.

Add topic to the favorites shown in the Favorites area in the navigation pane.

Navigation Pane

    The Table of Contents area provides an overview of the Help system, just like the table of contents section in a book. The Table of Contents area contains two types of icons:

  • Book (). The book is similar to a chapter in a book. The book indicates that there are one or more topics related to the book's subject. You double-click a closed book to open it and view the topic list, or you double-click an open book to close it and hide the topic list.
  • Page (). The page indicates a topic in the online help system. When you click the text next to the page, the topic appears in the main pane.

    The Index area contains index keywords, similar to an index in a book. Use the index to search for a word or phrase, view a list of matching topics, and then select a topic to view.

    To search the index, you type part or all of a word or phrase in the entry box at the top of the index area. To view the topic associated with the index entry, click the subject. If an index entry corresponds to more than one topic in the online help system, the online help system shows a list of the corresponding topics. Click the topic you want to view.

    You can use the Search area to perform full-text searches. After you enter one or more words, the system searches every topic in the online help system for the words. Search is different from the index because it searches the entire topic for the specified words, not just the predefined keywords associated with the topic.

    For more information on performing searches, see Performing Full-Text Searches.

    You can use the Glossary area to view definitions of technical terms used in the Help.

    For more information on viewing glossary term definitions, see Viewing Glossary Terms and Definitions.

    You can use the Favorites area to view favorite topics and perform saved full-text searches.

    For more information on accessing favorite searches and topics, see Managing Favorite Searches and Topics.


Main Pane

The main pane shows the text for a specific topic. Within the text, you will see blue and red underlined text. Both indicate that you can click on the text to jump to another topic. The red links indicate that you have already viewed that topic. 

Your browser maintains a list of the topics you have viewed recently. You can move backward and forward between these topics by using Back and Forward toolbar buttons.t oTohlis is similar to moving backward and forward between Web pages you have viewed.