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UpdateReservationRQ Request Structure


The Update Itinerary (UpdateReservationRQ) API is used to update a Passenger Name Record (PNR). Once a PNR has been created in the Sabre Host, this Web Service offers capabilities allowing Airline or Agency agents to update Logical Records (Lrec) in a particular PNR using Name and Segment Associations. Request payload can be further specified by using “ReturnOptions” which determine response message content. The UpdateReservationRQ service supports two categories of requests:

  • Update – operates on the entire PNR Lrec e.g. Air Extra (AE), SSR
  • Partial Update – operates on the Lrec part e.g AE’s action code, SSR’s action code. Partial update enables change without necessity of deleting entire Lrec and creating it once again. UpdateReservationRQ Web Service allows client applications to retrieve PNR in STL data format.

Processing Information

The PNR will be updated using one of the available request types:


  • PNR will be retrieved from PNR Reservation Database and unpacked into AAA session;
  • After being updated PNR will be committed;
  • It is required to provide “Locator” element;
  • It is required to provide “ReceivedFrom” element
  • Includes UpdateToken from GetReservationRS


  • This request type assumes that PNR is already in AAA;
  • After being updated PNR will not be committed;
  • It can be used to perform serial operations

General rules for using UpdateReservationRQ:

  • When using RequestType = Stateless you must include an UpdateToken in your RQ. UpdateToken contains information about PNR version that you had before sending update. If PSS has newer version of PNR it will return error.
<UpdateReservationRQ Version="1.19"
 <ns5:RequestType>Stateless< /ns5:RequestType>
 < /ns5:UpdateToken>4660bda5b6a998426eea20f9c49e12ca38c50e78672e9002<
 < ns5:ReservationUpdateList>
  • “ReturnOptions” element can be used to specify which data elements will be present in response payload, as well as how those will be formatted.
  • When using pnrbuilder files on versions higher than v1.7.8 you will need to be specify the version number in the namespace
  • “isPast” this attribute has been added to mark air segments where start date is older than 48 hours as past. For the non-air segments (e.g. Car, Rail, Hotel) the flag will be calculated based on end date. If end date is not available and there is no possibility to calculate it based on duration time, these will be processed as air segments.

The UpdateReservationRQ service allows users to perform the following operation types on Lrecs:

  • insert – is used to add new Lrec;
  • update – is used to update existing Lrec by deleting and creating it once again;
  • delete – is used to delete existing Lrec;

The following Lrec types can be modified by UpdateReservationRQ:

- Create Update Delete
Ancillary Update available not available available
Ancillary Partial Update not available available not available
SSR Update available not available available
SSR Partial Update not available available not available
Profile Update available available available
Pre Reserved Seat Partial Update not available available not available
Remark Update available not available available


  • If custom-made updates are required please request them using
  • Pre Reserved Seat Partial Update refers to the status change request only, and not the update of the seat itself (changing seats).