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Triggering Sabre Scribe Scripts with Active Listening

This procedure shows how to trigger Sabre Scribe scripts with active listening for commands and how to encode special characters. Before you begin, you need to wrap a Sabre Scribe script project as a plug-in.

Adding Active Listening for Commands

An example of the syntax that you must add to your redapp.xml file is shown below.

<Service name="EMU_COMMAND" action_code="1"
status="" desc="">
<ExternalHandler target="SAMPLE_SCRIPT" />


  • In this example, SAMPLE_SCRIPT is triggered when an end-user types a Sabre host command that begins with 1.

  • The service name EMU_COMMAND is required.

  • To map special characters, see Encoding Special Characters for Sabre Scribe Scripts.

    • In the redapp.xml declaration, you can only trigger scripts that are located in the same bundle.

For details about adding this entry to the redapp.xml configuration file, see Registering EMU_COMMAND for Active Listening in Sabre Scribe in the topic "Building a redapp.xml File."

Encoding Special Characters for Sabre Scribe Scripts

If you are registering emulator commands that contain special characters, you must provide them in UTF-8 in redapp.xml.

The following table shows how to map special characters to (locally) and redapp.xml (for Red Apps).