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The Add Itinerary Info (TravelItineraryAddInfoLLSRQ) service is used to add basic passenger-related content into a Passenger Name Record (PNR). This service can be used to add the following fields into PNRs, by sending Sabre host system cryptic commands:

For a summary of the fields a PNR requires to be completed, please check

We recommend using the orchestrated service PassengerDetailsRQ. Passenger Details orchestrates several services and it also has enhanced logic to avoid system errors.

Passenger Details also allows you to use the following services in a single call:


  • MiscSegmentSellLLSRQ
  • EndTransactionLLSRQ
  • QueuePlaceLLSRQ
  • “PriceQuoteInfo” node (used to link PQs)
  • “ProfileRQ” node (moves Sabre Profiles)
  • AddRemarkLLSRQ
  • AirSeatLLSRQ
  • SpecialServiceLLSRQ TravelItineraryAddInfoLLSRQ

Common errors

  • SNGL ITEM FIELD.NOT ENT BGNG WITH - Agency address is already present in the PNR. Sending an agency address for the second time returns this host system error message.
  • FRMT.NOT ENT BGNG WITH - The Sabre host system format is not valid. Please bear in mind that you can obtain the cryptic command the service creates with the 'ReturnHostCommand="true"' attribute.
  • PASSENGER TYPE FUNCTION INACTIVE IN TJR - Passenger type store is not active in the agency's PCC (TJR). Please check Sabre Central for more details (