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Travel Documents

Allowing National ID Cards and NEXUS Cards to be used as Travel Documents

An enhancement to the /passengers service that allows user to recognize, accept, store, and transmit passengers’ National ID Cards and NEXUS Cards as Travel Documents.

For Airlines that choose to activate this functionality, passengers can specify that they are supplying Nation ID Cards as their travel documents.

Entered values are stored in the PNR with the same format as Passport, with the document codes:

  • "I" – for the National ID Card,
  • "IN" – for the NEXUS ID Card.

This applies to the following IBE flows:

  • The Revenue flow (B2C),
  • Manage Your Booking – Change Passenger Details (MYB: CPD),
  • B2B.


Airlines can accept National ID Cards and NEXUS Cards as Travel Documents with the following sequence of Digital Connect service calls:

  1. The Airline calls /products/air/search POST and obtains a list of flight results with connection information.
    • The Airline formats this information for display to the passenger.
  2. The user can continue shopping by selecting flights.
  3. The Airline prompts the user for the passenger's details (including Travel Documents type National ID or NEXUS ID. After an itinerary has been stored in the session, the Airline calls /passengers POST operation to add passengers to the itinerary.
  4. When the user completes the itinerary and decides to purchase the Airline initiates the purchase and ticketing process by calling /purchase POST; if authorization is successful, the /purchase service creates a PNR, EMD(s), etc.
  5. The response indicates whether the purchase is successful.
    • The Airline formats this information for display to the user.
  6. The Airline can call /pnr GET and retrieve the PNR details including the National ID and NEXUS Card (if applicable), which can be formatted for display to the passenger.
  7. When the user wants to modify passenger details (e.g. National ID or NEXUS ID), the Airline initiates and finalizes this change by calling /pnr/passengers POST.