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Timeout and timeout action in java workflow extensions

RedApp developer can define a timeout for java extension point in plugin.xml file, in <extension point="com.sabre.edge.dynamo.extp.extension"> section.

It is described in seconds and it has to be a numeric value between 1 (including) and 1500 (including). Any other value will be ignored and default timeout will be applied (3 minutes).

Additionally, default timeout action can be specified, allowed values are CONTINUE and ABORT. Anything different will be ignored and default action will be applied (CONTINUE).

    <flowExtensionPoint extensionPointId="dynamo.air.pricing:beforePricing" class="" timeout="90" defaultTimeoutAction="CONTINUE" />
	<flowExtensionPoint extensionPointId="dynamo.air.pricing:afterPricing" class="" timeout="120" defaultTimeoutAction="ABORT" />

Please keep in mind that editors opened up using Java do not close automatically after the timeout, as the javascript views do.