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Test and Debug Web Module

Test and Debug

  1. In Eclipse, import Red App plug-in with the previously built Web Module into your workspace and add it to your run configuration.

  2. Launch Sabre Red 360 from Eclipse and your modules will be loaded

When you edit any typescript source files, you need to run ngv build command again before copying the files to your Eclipse plug-in.

Reloading Web Modules

During TypeScript development, you can auto reload code changes in TS/JS/HTML files without restarting Sabre Red 360 application by pressing CTRL+R or by clicking View→Reload from Menu (shown in below screenshot).

This will auto reload your Web Modules.


Debugging Web Modules in SR360

To debug any TypeScript Web Module, follow the below step-by-step procedure.

  1. Include source map files in the build.

Include and to build the path. The ngv build command includes source map files by default when generating the build files.

  1. Enable JxBrowser remote debug capability.

Prepare JxBrowser to start in debug mode by setting below VM argument in run configurations.

Example sabre.ini in SR360 standard installer:


Example sabre.ini in SR360 New Provisioning: // (1)
XX is next number of vmarg property in sabrered.ini file.
  1. Access debug tool.

Setting the above property enables user to access debug tool either by accessing http://localhost:9222 from any browser that supports debugging or by using the SDK in-built debug editor.

To debug from Chrome browser, make sure that the browser version is the same as JxBrowser Chromium version of SR360.

SDK in-built debug tool can be accessed from menu (Tools→ Other → Browser Debug Tool). By default, this tool opens as tabbed editor and can be moved as shown below by dragging the editor by holding on the tab.

Once that editor opens, click the ‘SRW 3.0’ link to navigate to debug tool.

Now sources tab will show the source files loaded for SR360 and Web Modules that are included.


SWS mocks

If you want to use SWS mocked responses you need to perform two steps:

  1. In Eclipse go to Run configurations and in plug-ins tab set Auto-Start for com.sabre.edge.platform.optional.sandbox to TRUE.

  2. Before using SWS mocks send the ¤ (change) command using command panel under Manual Command mode.

Loading external Web Modules in eclipse

It is possible to load any Web Module without including it into redapp, purely for testing purposes. All you need to do is to change com.sabre.edge.dynamo.web.module.path VM parameter to path pointing at webmodule’s build/prod or other build/ subfolder.

Additionally, this property supports loading multiple Web Modules by passing comma separated paths.