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Support for ATPCO Passenger Types

Pricing Based on Pax type 

Digital Connect supports all the passenger types that are part of the ATPCO family. All passenger types need to be defined in the passenger type rule to ensure the pricing is picked as filed in ATPCO. Digital Connect enables airlines to configure additional Passenger Types and give them access to special offers and/or fares. With this extension to existing standard Passenger Types, carriers are able to offer special fares/ tax deductions for passengers eligible for special discounts, e.g. children under 15 who are travelling from the United Kingdom are eligible for GB tax deduction. 

ATPCO passenger types are used in both Shopping and Pricing, while in other services (such as Seats, Ancillaries, Insurance etc.), the passenger type is taken from the mapping (or default passenger type = ADT, if special passenger type is not configured in the mapping). 

This functionality applies to the following paths: 

  • The Revenue Flow (B2C)
  • Book Now Pay Later Flow (B2C: BNPL).


  • Configuration and mapping in Digital Connect 
  • Appropriate fare rules data upload to ATPCO.


When a special passenger type is used for pricing and an AWARD flag is sent in a single request, Digital Connect returns an error (ATPCO not offered for the Redemption flow); 

  • the ability to use Loyalty Points in the B2C path is blocked
  • the Post Booking Flows are blocked.