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Structure Fare Rules API Help

The system displays rules for fares with a fare basis specified in the request. This fare basis can be obtained by regular pricing. The fare amount can be provided in order to increase the probability of recreating pricing solutions. If there is more than one fare with the specified fare basis and no amount provided in the request, the system will choose the cheapest one that passed the performed validation. In the case where fares with both the same fare basis codes and amounts and matching all the requirements, the system will randomly select one.

Pricing will provide structured rule information for the following categories:

  • Category 5 Advance/Reservation/Ticketing (also, Category 15 if relevant).
  • Categories 6 and 7 Minimum and Maximum Stay (also, Category 14 if it influences Maximum Stay).
  • Latest reservation, ticketing date, and time restriction through the validation of Category 5 and Category 15.

If no restriction is coded in one of the validated rules, or the rule requirement is not applicable (for example, Minimum Stay conditions in the case of a one-way fare), no information will appear. LAST DAY TO PURCHASE will be returned in the pricing response.

Benefits of StructureFareRules are as follows:

  • Improves efficiency by enabling the travel agent to obtain essential rule information. 
  • Improves productivity by easily identifying the most relevant rules that will impact the ticket.
  • Allows agencies to provide the end user with understandable information with non-industry terms.
  • Can reduce the potential Agency Debit Memos (ADMs) while providing the travel agent with clear and comprehensible information about the fare restrictions.