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Stay Safe with CSL

The COVID-19 crisis has accentuated a need for hoteliers to provide peace of mind to their guests allowing them to sleep comfortably knowing their room has been thoroughly sanitized. While hotels have always taken providing clean rooms seriously, some are taking actions that will provide them a competitive advantage as the travel and hospitality industry rebounds. These hotels want to ensure that individuals shopping for rooms understand there is a difference.

Hotels are creating new protocols that go above and beyond standards provided by AHLA, USEPA, other international governing bodies and trade organizations which may include:

  • Disinfecting air handling units using natural solutions like 'tea tree oil cartridges' in the HVAC systems after a thorough cleaning to inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold.
  • Specialized surface cleaners that disintegrate bio films and maximize the removal of dirt bacteria and mold.
  • Ozone shock treatments used in the initial process, or after an outbreak, for the complete elimination of bacteria, viruses, germs and odors.
  • Bacteriostatic barriers used to repel microorganisms that can cause illness and distress.
  • Air purifiers that are categorized by FDA as class II medical devices with the ability to eliminate 98-100% of bacteria and viruses
  • Allergy-friendly bed encasements that protect guests from dust mites
  • Several hotel suppliers have already begun the process of implementing enhanced protocols. Details of the action hotel suppliers are taking to go beyond a clean room can be viewed via the Sabre Hotel Direct Reference System and the Hotel Marketer reference links here.

    This is of particular importance as Sabre connected travel agencies, Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), and corporations have a duty of care about the well-being of the traveler whilst they are on their trip.

    Content Services for Lodging supports "Stay Safe"

    Sabre Content Services for Lodging APIs provide the ability to search for and identify properties with the new 'Stay Safe' indicator to allow hoteliers to clearly highlight the new standards they have implemented. As 'social distancing' and travel restrictions are eased, travelers have an added assurance that every effort is being made to keep them safe and healthy during their hotel stay.

    How it works

    A new amenity OTA code (2002) can be used to request and identify properties that have the Stay Safe indicator.

    The following APIs and versions (SOAP & REST) support the Stay Safe indicator:

    Orchestrated APIs

    • GetHotelAvailRQ v2.1.0 & v3.0.0
    • GetHotelDetailsRQ v1.1.0 & v2.0.0
    • GetHotelContentRQ v2.0.0 & v3.0.0

    Granular APIs

    • GetHotelListRQ v2.0.0 & v3.0.0
    • GetHotelDescriptiveInfoRQ v2.0.0 & v3.0.0

    Users can search for only hotels supporting "Stay Safe" in the shopping request by making use of the AmenityCode filter that is already available.

    Sample requests

    To request for only those properties that have the “Stay Safe” indicator, you must add the AmenityCode 2002 filter in the request as shown below.


          <SearchCriteria OffSet="1" SortBy="TotalRate" SortOrder="ASC" PageSize="200" TierLabels="true">
              <GeoRef Radius="200" UOM="MI">
                <RefPoint Value="DFW" ValueContext="CODE" RefPointType="6"/>
            <RateInfoRef CurrencyCode="USD" BestOnly="1" >
              <StayDateRange StartDate="2020-06-20" EndDate="2020-06-23"/>
                <Room Index="1" Adults="2"/>            
              <AmenityCodes Inclusive="true">


      "GetHotelAvailRQ": {
        "SearchCriteria": {
          "OffSet": 1,
          "SortBy": "TotalRate",
          "SortOrder": "DESC",
          "PageSize": 200,
          "GeoSearch": {
            "GeoRef": {
              "Radius": 200,
              "UOM": "MI",
              "RefPoint": {
                "Value": "AUS",
                "ValueContext": "CODE",
                "RefPointType": "6"
          "RateInfoRef": {
            "CurrencyCode": "USD",
            "BestOnly": "1",
            "StayDateRange": {
              "StartDate": "2020-06-20",
              "EndDate": "2020-06-23"
            "Rooms": {
              "Room": [
                  "Index": 1,
                  "Adults": 2,
                  "Children": 1,
                  "ChildAges": "1"
          "HotelPref": {
            "AmenityCodes": {
              "Inclusive": true,
              "AmenityCode": [
          "ImageRef": {
            "Type": "ORIGINAL",
            "CategoryCode": 2,
            "LanguageCode": "EN"

    Sample responses

    The Stay Safe indicator is returned as Amenities with Code 2002 in the API response for the properties that support enhanced safety protocols.


                  <ns9:Amenity Description="Car rental desk" Code="15"/>
                  <ns9:Amenity Description="Onsite laundry" Code="168"/>
                  <ns9:Amenity Description="Wireless internet connection in public areas" Code="179"/>
                  <ns9:Amenity Description="Non-smoking rooms (generic)" Code="198"/>
                  <ns9:Amenity Description="Stay Safe" Code="2002"/>
                  <ns9:Amenity Description="Refrigerator" Code="2006"/>
                  <ns9:Amenity Description="Rollaway adult" Code="2016"/>
                  <ns9:Amenity Description="Crib charge" Code="2017"/>
                  <ns9:Amenity Description="Extra person" Code="2018"/>
                  <ns9:Amenity Description="Concierge desk" Code="22"/>
                  <ns9:Amenity Description="Golf" Code="236"/>
                  <ns9:Amenity Description="ADA accessible" Code="258"/>
                  <ns9:Amenity Description="High speed internet access" Code="259"/>
                  <ns9:Amenity Description="High speed wireless" Code="261"/>
                  <ns9:Amenity Description="Kitchenette" Code="262"/>
                  <ns9:Amenity Description="Free parking" Code="42"/>
                  <ns9:Amenity Description="Game room" Code="44"/>
                  <ns9:Amenity Description="Hot Tub" Code="55"/>
                  <ns9:Amenity Description="Translation services" Code="92"/>
                  <ns9:Amenity Description="Dry cleaning" Code="96"/>


    "Amenities": {
                                "Amenity": [
                                        "Code": 2002,
                                        "Description": "Stay Safe",
                                        "value": ""
                                        "Code": 262,
                                        "Description": "Kitchenette",
                                        "value": ""
                                        "Code": 42,
                                        "Description": "Free parking",
                                        "value": ""
                                        "Code": 44,
                                        "Description": "Game room",
                                        "value": ""
                                        "Code": 55,
                                        "Description": "Hot Tub",
                                        "value": ""

    Note: Stay Safe participation details are updated or provided to Sabre by respective hotel properties or chains. For more information related to the participation or non-participation of the individual properties in the Stay Safe initiative, please contact the respective hotel.