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This service can be used to send teletype messages, such as OSIs, to air carriers. It supports all the standard SIPP codes and interline passenger procedures. You can also add passenger information, such as the date of birth after a PNR has been already created. For more information on SSR codes please visit this article.

Common errors

  • SSR CODE NOT RECOGNIZED.NOT ENT BGNG WITH –  When entering an SSR Code, the service already adds the preceding host entry (3). It is therefore not necessary to also specify this (3) it in the SSR_Code element. Simply send <Service SSR_Code="ABC"> instead of <Service SSR_Code="3ABC">.
  • FRMT.NOT ENT BGNG WITH – This error is typically generated when invalid (non-Sabre) characters are used in the request. For more information on allowed characters please visit this Sabre Central article.
  • NO VALID SEGMENTS FOUND - CHECK ITINERARY – You may see this error whenever you incorrectly associate an SSR to a segment. For example, if your itinerary has 3 segments, then “SegmentNumber” in your request should be between 1 and 3.


How do I know which carriers require FOID?
Please visit this Sabre Central article for more information on Forms of ID (FOID).

When is the HOSTED attribute necessary?
You should set this to "false" unless the message is being sent to AA, in which case it should be set to “true”.

Why am I getting errors with INF passenger type?
For INF you need to use FI or MI as the gender in the SecureFlight element of the service. Also, ensure a NameNumber needs to be responsible for the infant as infants cannot have a number association in the PNR.