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Site Administration Tool - configuration support  

Site Administration Tool is a successor of STAN. This tool gives the possibility to set up configurations and to quickly push any related changes to the Staging and Production environments. Depending on which Sabre products are being used by the airline, it may be partially accessible for basic changes (Digital Experience customers) or it should be requested directly via care/activation team as per the established process (customers using Digital Connect only).  


  • Currently all service configurations are exposed to Sabre site administrators only. An airline who is a customer of Digital Connect needs to request configuration changes using the established request process. 
  • Digital Connect is certified to work with Site Administration Tool 6.0 (or higher) PROD instance being in the place. 
  • DC – SAT integration must be enabled (enabled by default from DC 4.2 onwards)


  • Only Sabre site administrators have a direct access to SAT configurations.
  • Airlines with access to UI receive partial access to configuration and need to follow the current configuration request process.


Site Administration Tool (SAT) improves the usability to manage the content and configurations. SAT provides a great degree of control of configurations (e.g. sharing them across products) and the flexibility to manage them. The added schema validations decrease the possibility of manual mistake input – each entry will be validated.  

Categorization of Digital Connect Configurations 

When synchronized in the past Digital Connect brought a categorization of configurations in Site Administration Tool (SAT). The categorization together with configurations description improves efficiency and provide better support to the overall user experience. User can type in keywords in the search field and explore available configurations. Successful implementation of configurations categorization in Site Administration Tool enables its users to navigate categories to find required configurations and their descriptions including default values, allowed values, tags and types. 

The following list contains all Digital Connect categories available in SAT in February 2023: 

  • Agency
  • Ancillaries
  • BNPL (Book Now Pay Later)
  • Cancel and Refund (MYB:CR path)
  • Car Rentals
  • Check-in
  • Dynamic Retailer
  • DC-API
  • Exchanges (MYB:CI – Change Itinerary path)
  • Flight Promotions
  • Hotels
  • Insurance
  • IROPs (Irregular Operations)
  • LCS (Loyalty Conversion Service)
  • Modify Trip Options (MYB:MTO path)
  • Passenger
  • Payment
  • Platform
  • PCC (Pseudo City Code) and OAC (Office Accounting Code)
    • including Point of Sale (POS) configurations
  • Profile
  • Redemption
  • Seats
  • Shopping 
    • including Flight Advisory Messages (FAM) configurations
  • Upsell and Upgrade
  • including the Revenue Flow and Post Booking
  • MISC (for configurations which do not fit in other categories).