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Setup Overview

Required software/packages

The following software/packages are required for Web Red App development:

  • Node.js and npm

  • Concierge

  • Offline Bundle

  • Java

Node.js and npm

Node.js (JavaScript runtime) together with npm (package manager included in Node.js) create a runtime environment for Concierge. Look for more information on the Node.js website.

Currently required versions:

  • Node.js 18.12.0

  • npm 8.19.2


Concierge is a tool for managing the Web Red App development cycle and providing common tasks for the development of Web Modules. More about Concierge.

Offline Bundle

Offline Bundle contains typings for TypeScript compiler, required to be able to compile Web Modules. More about Offline Bundle.


Although Web Red Apps do not use Java it is still required because of the jarsigner used to sign Red Apps. Any Java that supports jarsigner will be fine. You can choose Java provided by the SDK which can be found here.

Concierge Installer

Concierge Installer is an installer provided by SDK and it comes with the following software/packages included:

  • Node.js and npm

  • Concierge

  • Offline Bundle

It is entirely up to the developer whether he wants to use the Concierge Installer or prefers to install everything separately. More about Concierge Installer.

Code editor or IDE

To work with the code, all you need is any code editor or IDE that supports TypeScript. A popular option is Visual Studio Code.


After the new SDK version comes out, an upgrade is required:

  • Node.js and npm should be upgraded if a new version of Concierge requires a different Node.js and npm version

  • Concierge version should be upgraded if version of Concierge included in SDK changes

  • Offline Bundle should be upgraded for each new SDK

  • There is no need to upgrade Java as long as the jarsigner is supported

If a Concierge Installer is used then everything should be upgraded using the Concierge Installer after each SDK release.

Web Modules

Web Modules should be upgraded after the upgrade of required software/packages:

  1. Run ngv clean command to clean all the artifacts

  2. Run ngv migrate command to upgrade Web Modules

After the upgrade, Web Module must be rebuilt using the ngv build command.