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Element SeatSelection
Description Contains parameters used for pre-reserved seat processing. Allows you to return pre-reserved seat data and filter by free pre-reserved seat.
Use optional
Type FreeSeatSelectionAndInfoType



Name Type Description Use
Info boolean

Parameter to obtain pre-reserved seat info. Valid values are:

  • F - Free
  • C - Charge
  • N - Not Applicable will be returned in the response if set to "true".
FreeSeatSelection boolean Indicator for whether to return only fares that include Free Seat selection in the fare. optional


Sample SOAP Value

    <SeatSelection Info="true" FreeSeatSelection="false"/>

Note  If SeatSelection element contains both Info and FreeSeatSelection, the applicable type is FreeSeatSelectionAndInfoType minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1". If the element contains FreeSeatSelection only, the applicable type is FreeSeatSelectionType.