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Seat Map Shopping

Products, in the context of Digital Connect services, are air transportation, ancillaries, bags, and seats (including paid seats). Use the /products/seats service to obtain information about seats that are available for any flights that the passenger has selected. Use the information to populate a seatmap for the passenger. The seatMap responds with seat Map information based on the passengers and segments present in the session and if any offers are available on the paid seats providing original and discounted amounts, the seat map displays seat maps based on passenger and itinerary parts. Also, use the POST operation to add any seats selected by the passenger to the itinerary. 

Note that itineraries built with the /products services are held in session until you use the /purchase service to book the itinerary and create a PNR. This service can only be used after the one or more flights have been selected and added to the itinerary with the Select Flights (/products/air) service. 

Itineraries built with these services are held in session until you use the /purchase service to book the itinerary and create a PNR. 


  • Enhanced Seat Map must be enabled.
  • Seatmap information must be set up in advance. 
  • GetSeatMap service (the enhanced Seat Map) must be activated and configured. 

Seat Characteristics Returned by the SeatMap Services

The Seat Map has been enhanced due to the returned from GetSeatMap seats facilities codes. Those codes will be returned for each seat in the Seat Map response structure as the seatCharacteristics Array.The Seat Map returns list of characteristics mentioning Seats - Slot Characteristics, Storefront Slot, Limitations, Designations, Raw Characteristics, which the UI can convert these and display on the seat map.