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The Send Sabre Command (SabreCommandLLSRQ) is used to send specific Sabre® system commands that are not available as structured Sabre® API requests.

SabreCommandLLSRQ can also be used in case there is a need to interact with a Sabre host system mask. Before interacting with masks, please make sure there is no equivalent, dedicated API for what you are trying to accomplish. A guide on mask handling can be found at

Mask handling: A sample Sabre host system mask that would require the customer to input “Y” would be the following:

VERIFY TKT TTL  GBP    641.45 - PQ TTL  GBP    641.35-TICKET?  ENTER Y OR N<.>

With SabreCommandLLSRQ we use the first two characters of the mask displayed by the host screen and then proceed to input the fields between brackets.

Common errors

  • REQUEST EXCEEDED MAXIMUM LENGTH: The service will accept a maximum of 1023 characters. Special characters are actually 2-byte characters. Exclamation marks (!), percentage signs (%), dollar signs ($) or the ampersand (&), Cross of Lorraine (¥) and "end item" (§) will all be counted as two characters.
  • .RESTRICTED.NOT ENT BGNG WITH 6¤TA/… - In order to release PNRs to another PCC, the PNRREL keyword must be present in the EPR that is requesting this.