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SynXis Retail Studio

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Beta Release - Use for test purpose only - Work in progress

DRAFT - Subject to change

What is it?

Deliver intelligent personalized offers creating a memorable guest experience that improves guest engagement and increases total revenue opportunity.

  • Targeted Offers
  • Machine Learning Powered Recommenders
  • Urgency Triggers
  • Personalization

Why use it?

One Platform: At Sabre Hospitality Solutions, we are evolving the way people experience hospitality. Grounded in a legacy of innovation and business performance, we are the leading technology provider for the hospitality industry serving more than 40,000 hotels, resorts, and chains spanning 174 countries. From independent properties to large global chains, we are the technology partner hoteliers rely on to optimize hospitality distribution and deliver millions of personalized experiences that maximize the value of each one on a single technology platform.