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ARI Sync - Hurdle (OTA)


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The ARI Sync - Hurdle (OTA) is used to set the status for an inventory block, a rate plan, or an inventory code.

Target Audience
API Version
Security Credentials
Service Action Code

The status messages in the Availability Notification message also communicate inventory (booking) limits set by Yield and Revenue management systems such as the number of reservations that can be taken for a certain day, and the threshold at which the hotel is closed. A Booking Limit Status Message may even define what can be done after a status is set, such as “Take four more reservations after this status is set.” A system may choose not to synchronize with actual inventory numbers, but with a threshold. Nevertheless, it is critical that booking systems are synchronized with common thresholds, regardless of whether they are derived from virtual or real inventory.

By default, the interface only updates the hurdles that are defined in the avail message. Any hurdle not specified in the message will continue to exist in the SynXis CR. If the intent is to recreate all the hurdles, then the Instance attribute of the UniqueID element should be set to ‘FullLoad’. This will cause the system to delete all the hurdles before the update occurs.

The attributes: InventoryCodeType, RatePlanCodeType, and InventoryBlockCodeType determine whether the message involves a single code, or a grouping of codes. The Override attribute allows a reservation system to make a change on controls applied at the level of the Property Management System. For example, a CRS may be allowed to make manual changes while processing bookings during the day, but when full optimization is done, typically during the night, this Boolean attribute determines whether to retain the changes made. This could be applied to override all status messages and is found in the StatusApplicationControl class.

Sample Request
<OTA_HotelAvailNotifRQ TimeStamp="2019-11-27T00:39:07.171" Target="Test" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" >
    <UniqueID Type="16" ID="123456" Instance="FullLoad"/>
    <AvailStatusMessages HotelCode="504" HotelName="The Breakers Palm Beach" >
        <AvailStatusMessage BookingLimitMessageType="SetLimit" >
            <StatusApplicationControl Start="2019-11-23" End="2019-11-27" InvTypeCode="EK"/>
            <HurdleRate Amount="77.77"/>
Sample Response
<OTA_HotelAvailNotifRS TimeStamp="2019-11-27T00:39:07.171" Target="Test" ="4" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">