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ARI Sync - Availability (OTA)

10.3 Rev A

The ARI Sync- Availability (OTA) (OTA_HotelBookingRuleNotifRQ) is used to limit the availability for a hotel.

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Target Audience
API Version
10.3 Rev A
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The Hotel Booking Rule Notification message sends the notification of the rules and restrictions affecting the availability status of the hotel. These Stay Controls are used to limit the availability for a hotel. Prior to updating stay control values, the hotel, rate plans, group rate plans, and room types to be updated must be manually set up in the SynXis CR. All IDs and Codes used in update messages must match those set up in the system.

Sample Request
<OTA_HotelBookingRuleNotifRQ TimeStamp="2019-07-01T11:25:15" ="4" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">
    <RuleMessages HotelCode="10001" HotelName="Test Hotel">
            <StatusApplicationControl />
                <BookingRule Start="2019-01-01" End="2019-01-31">
                    <RestrictionStatus Restriction="Master" Status="Close"/>
Sample Response
<OTA_HotelBookingRuleNotifRS TimeStamp="2019-07-01T11:27:04" ="4" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns="">