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PMS Reservation Sync (HTNG)


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The OTA_HotelResNotifRQ message will be used to communicate reservation data from SynXis to a hotel. Each reservation message will contain one reservation for a single hotel. Reservation download messages will only include multiple RatePlan elements if the system receiving the reservation message is configured in Control Center as supporting multiple rate plan reservations. Otherwise reservation download messages will be limited to one RatePlan element only.

Target Audience
API Version
Security Credentials
Service Action Code

Inventory Adjustments

In the SynXis system, a hotel may choose to use the PMS or the SynXis CR as the system of record for inventory. When a hotel uses the PMS as the system of record for inventory, reservation uploads will create, modify and cancel reservations in the SynXis system but will not result in changes to available inventory values.

The PMS will manage available inventory values in the SynXis CRS system through inventory uploads. When a hotel uses the SynXis CRS as the system of record for inventory, reservation uploads will create, modify and cancel reservations in the SynXis system and will result in changes to available inventory values. Uploads of available inventory values by the PMS are not supported and SynXis will calculate available inventory internally based on all inventory related data that is stored in the SynXis CRS system, including all stored reservations.

Import Reservations

New hotel (chain) customers can use the HTNG interface to upload or import all existing reservations for their hotels into the SynXis CR before the hotel/chain goes live on the SynXis system. The reservation import process seamlessly transfers reservation data from the customer CRS to SynXis CR.

The OTA_HotelResNotifRQ message type, which is used for reservation uploads and downloads, will also be used to import reservation data. The OTA_HotelResNotifRQ message will support the following import actions:

  • Import New Reservation
  • Import Modified Reservation
  • Import Cancelled Reservation

If a customer decides to use the Res Import method to upload existing reservations into SynXis CRS, make sure reservations from all applicable hotels are imported before going live on the SynXis CRS.

Sample Request
<OTA_HotelResNotifRQ xsi:schemaLocation="" Version="1.003" ResStatus="Commit" TimeStamp="2019-11-12T11:26:23" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">
            <RequestorID Type="22" ID="PMS"/>
            <BookingChannel Primary="true" Type="4"/>
        <HotelReservation CreatorID="PMS" CreateDateTime="2019-11-12T11:22:06" ResStatus="In-house">
            <UniqueID Type="10" ID="PMS000002"/>
                <RoomStay MarketCode="MKTSEG" SourceOfBusiness="MKTSRC">
                        <RatePlan RatePlanCode="RACK">
                            <RatePlanInclusions TaxInclusive="false"/>
                        <RoomRate RatePlanCategory="RACKCAT" RoomTypeCode="KING" NumberOfUnits="1" RatePlanCode="PMS Rate Code">
                                <Rate RateTimeUnit="Day" EffectiveDate="2019-01-12" ExpireDate="2019-01-15" UnitMultiplier="3">
                                    <Base CurrencyCode="USD" AmountBeforeTax="100.00">
                                        <Taxes Amount="10.00" CurrencyCode="USD"/>
                    <GuestCounts IsPerRoom="true">
                        <GuestCount AgeQualifyingCode="10" Count="2"/>
                        <GuestCount AgeQualifyingCode="8" Count="1"/>
                    <TimeSpan Start="2019-01-12" End="2019-01-15"/>
                    <Total CurrencyCode="USD" AmountBeforeTax="300.00">
                        <Taxes Amount="30.00" CurrencyCode="USD"/>
                    <BasicPropertyInfo HotelCode="10001" ChainCode="1111"/>
                        <ResGuestRPH RPH="1"/>
                <ResGuest ResGuestRPH="1" PrimaryIndicator="true">
                            <UniqueID Type="1" ID="9876543" ID_Context="pms">
                                <CompanyName CodeContext="hotel" Code="10001"/>
                            <Profile ProfileType="1">
                                <Customer Birthdate="0001-01-01">
                                    <Telephone PhoneTechType="1" PhoneNumber="1115551212" FormattedInd="false" DefaultInd="true"/>
                                    <Telephone PhoneTechType="1" PhoneNumber="1115551213" FormattedInd="false" DefaultInd="false"/>
                                    <Telephone PhoneTechType="3" PhoneNumber="1115551214" FormattedInd="false" DefaultInd="false"/>
                                    <Telephone PhoneTechType="5" PhoneNumber="1115551215" FormattedInd="false" DefaultInd="false"/>
                                    <Address Type="2" Remark="Work address">
                                        <CompanyName>My Company</CompanyName>
                                        <AddressLine>123 Main St</AddressLine>
                                        <AddressLine>Suite 100</AddressLine>
                                        <AddressLine>Cubicle 5</AddressLine>
                                        <StateProv StateCode="MA"/>
                                        <CountryName Code="US"/>
                    <HotelReservationID ResID_Type="10" ResID_Value="PMS000002" ResID_Source="PMS" ForGuest="true"/>
Sample Response
<OTA_HotelResNotifRS xsi:schemaLocation="" Version="1.003" TimeStamp="2015-11-18T11:29:23.112" ResResponseType="Committed" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">
            <UniqueID Type="10" ID="PMS000002"/>
                    <HotelReservationID ResID_Type="14" ResID_Value="10001SY000002" ResID_Source="CRS" ForGuest="true" />
                    <HotelReservationID ResID_Type="10" ResID_Value="PMS000002" ResID_Source="PMS" ForGuest="true" />