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The ReadProfile method is used to read one or more existing Customer, Company or Booker profile (Travel Arranger) types or Commissionable Accounts matching the specified search criteria.

Target Audience
API Version
Security Credentials
Service Action Code

The profiles or commissionable accounts can be searched using the following criteria:

  • Customer Profile
    • Hotel or Chain level CRS ID
    • Chain level CRM ID
    • Hotel level PMS ID
    • User Name & Password
  • Company Profile
    • Hotel or Chain level CRS ID
    • Chain level CRM ID
    • Hotel level PMS ID
    • Company Name (suports wildcards)
    • Company Code
  • Booker Profile
    • Hotel or Chain level CRS ID
    • Chain level CRM ID
    • User Name & Password
    • Contact Name
    • Contact Email
    • Travel Industry ID
    • Loyalty Membership ID
  • Commissionable Account
    • Travel Agency ID
    • Travel Agency Name
Sample Request
<OTA_ReadRQ Version="1" EchoToken="1122" PrimaryLangID="en" xmlns="">
          <UniqueID Type="1" ID="14EF985B2C" ID_Context="crs">
              <CompanyName CodeContext="hotel" Code="10001"/>
Sample Response
<OTA_ProfileReadRS EchoToken="1122" TimeStamp="2019-03-05T11:57:16Z" PrimaryLangID="en" xmlns="">
          <UniqueID Type="1" ID="14EF985B2C" ID_Context="crm" Instance="Master">
              <CompanyName CodeContext="chain" Code="1111"/>
          <UniqueID Type="1" ID="10001C12345" ID_Context="crs" Instance="Master">
              <CompanyName CodeContext="chain" Code="1111"/>
          <Profile ProfileType="1" CreateDateTime="2019-03-05T21:56:44Z" LastModifyDateTime="2019-03-06T12:23:11Z" ShareAllMarketInd="no">
              <Customer BirthDate="1972-09-24" Language="English">
                  <PersonName NameType="3">
                  <Telephone PhoneTechType="1" PhoneNumber="206-555-1255"/>
                  <Telephone PhoneTechType="1" PhoneNumber="206-555-1256"/>
                  <Telephone PhoneTechType="3" PhoneNumber="206-555-1257"/>
                  <Telephone PhoneTechType="5" PhoneNumber="206-555-1258"/>
                  <Address Type="1" Remark="Home address" DefaultInd="true">
                      <AddressLine>1 Main St</AddressLine>
                      <AddressLine>Suite 100</AddressLine>
                      <AddressLine>Cubicle 10</AddressLine>
                      <StateProv StateCode="WA"/>
                      <CountryName Code="US"/>
                      <PaymentCard CardCode="AX" CardNumber="0000111122223333" ExpireDate="2209">
                          <CardHolderName>Mark Jones</CardHolderName>
                  <AlternateLanguage Code="ja"/>
                  <CustLoyalty ProgramID="GRP" MembershipID="1234" LoyalLevel="Gold" SignupDate="2006-09-15" EffectiveDate="2019-01-01" ExpireDate="2016-09-15" PinNumber="password"/>
                      <HotelPref SmokingAllowed="false">
                          <PropertyAmenityPref PropertyAmenityType="1"/>
                          <PropertyAmenityPref PropertyAmenityType="2"/>
                          <PropertyAmenityPref PropertyAmenityType="3"/>
                          <RoomAmenityPref RoomAmenity="1"/>
                          <RoomAmenityPref RoomAmenity="2"/>