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The OTA_ProfileCreateRQ message is used to create a new Customer, Company, or Booker profiles or Commissionable accounts. The profiles can be created at a hotel or chain level and include an identifier to which system (CRS, PMS or CRM) the profile id is associated with.

Target Audience
API Version
Security Credentials
Service Action Code

SynXis CR provides the ability for a number of customer profiles to be merged into the one customer profile that is being created or modified. Typically, a profile manager uses this function to consolidate a number of hotel level PMS profiles into a single central chain level CRM profile.

Sample Request
<OTA_ProfileCreateRQ Version="1.0" xmlns="">
    <UniqueID ID="0001234" Type="1" ID_Context="crm">
        <CompanyName CodeContext="chain" Code="6835"/>
        <Customer BirthDate="2000-10-05" Language="English">
            <Telephone PhoneNumber="303-111-1111" PhoneTechType="1"/>
            <Address Type="1" DefaultInd="true">
                <StateProv StateCode="CO"/>
                <CountryName Code="US"/>
            <CustLoyalty ProgramID="SL" MembershipID="101776852" SignupDate="2010-01-15" ExpireDate="2015-12-31" EffectiveDate="2010-01-01" LoyalLevel="PL"/>
Sample Response
<OTA_ProfileCreateRS PrimaryLangID="en" TimeStamp="2015-04-22T23:42:33+00:00" xmlns="">
    <UniqueID Type="1" ID="6835C0087914" ID_Context="crs" Instance="Master">
        <CompanyName CodeContext="chain" Code="6835"/>
    <UniqueID Type="1" ID="0001234" ID_Context="crm" Instance="Master">
        <CompanyName CodeContext="chain" Code="6835"/>