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Modify Reservation Notification


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The Modify Reservation Notification(OTA_HotelResModifyNotifRQ) is used to enable modifications of a previously booked reservations.

Target Audience
API Version
Security Credentials
Service Action Code
  • OTA_HotelResModifyNotifRQ — Sends a notification message for a reservation modification to Control Center.
  • OTA_HotelResModifyNotifRS — Returns confirmation that the modification has been successfully booked, and includes a confirmation number to identify the reservation, as well as the full details of the modification. Warnings from business processing rules or errors are returned if the request did not succeed. To ensure ease in determining the cause of errors, one HotelResModify node per requested modification always returns, regardless of success. If the modification does not successfully process, the node is empty. The error messages returned correspond to the failed modification – one error per failed modification in the response.

The ModifyReservationsNotification method is virtually identical to the Modify Reservation method (Refer to Modify Reservation). However, there are a few notable differences between the two methods, including:

  1. The message set used is OTA_HotelResModifyNotif instead of OTA_HotelResModify.
  2. An availability check is not performed prior to booking. The product requested is assumed to be available.
  3. Generally, an error is returned if the RoomType code and RatePlan code do not match a room and rate code in Synxis CR.
  4. When the rate plan code sent is for a negotiated or promotional rate the promotion code is not required in the RatePlanID attribute.
  5. If the modification does not contain a promo code, any access keys previously added to the reservation should be removed.