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Manage Rate Plan

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What is it?

The Manage Rate Plan operations allow a hotelier to create, edit and delete rate or group headers for the hotel and code specified in the message.

Why use it?

Create or Update the following Content for a Rate or Group:

  • Header - takes the header information common to both rate and group such as:
    • Rate/Group Name
    • Short/Long Description
    • Currency Code
    • PMS code
    • PMS group code
  • Group Header - information relating to a group - only applies to groups
  • Sales Manager - contact information for the sales manager - only applies to a group
    • Contact name
    • Primary/secondary phone
    • Address
  • Attributes - attributes for a particular rate or group including:
    • Accrual
    • Bar Applies
    • Breakfast Included
    • Exclude from the Availability, Rates and Inventory Push, etc.
    • Last Room Available
    • Negotiated
    • Redeemable
    • Restricted Pricing Updates
    • Suppress rate
    • Redeemable
    • Tax Inclusive
  • Translations - manage the channelize and language translations
    • Rate/Group Name
    • Short/Long Description
  • Market Segments - assign/unassigned market segment to rate/group
  • Market Sources - assign/unassigned market source to rate/group
  • Routing Code - assign/clear the routing code assignments (routing code and folio number)
  • Group Payment method - define the Group Payment Method (cash, check, credit card, direct bill) - only applies to a group
  • Individual Payment Method - define the individual payment method (if group pays some, all or none) - only applies to a group

For creation, editing or deletion, it is important to choose the correct rate plan type as rate or group has its own set of elements containing information associated to it e.g. Sales Manager or Group Header are not available for default rate type.

How it works

Use in conjunction with the Get Rates operation to fully manage rates and group rates.

  • [GET] /hotel/rates - Retrieve Rate/Group information
  • [POST] /admin/product/ratePlans/ - Create or Update Rates/Groups
  • [DELETE] /admin/product/ratePlans/ - Delete Rate/Group

How to use

Create or Update a Rate or Group Rate

[POST] /admin/product/ratePlans

  "Attributes": {
    "accrual": false,
    "barApplies": false,
    "breakfastIncluded": true,
    "controlledLocallyOnly": false,
    "excludeFromAvailRatesPush": true,
    "isNegotiated": false,
    "lastRoomAvailable": false,
    "redeemable": false,
    "restrictPricingUpdate": true,
    "suppressed": false,
    "taxInclusiveByDefault": false
  "Criteria": {
    "code": "grpRt",
    "hotel": {
      "id": 13098
    "type": "Group"
  "GroupHeader": {
    "alias": "SmithWedding",
    "bookingMethodCode": "META",
    "contactID": "C6E50D08-38BD-45CD-A201-C3C9B10B7RFD",
    "externalCateringCode": "RC3",
    "status": "Tentative"
  "GroupPaymentMethod": {
    "type": "Cash"
  "Header": {
    "active": true,
    "categoryCode": "NEG",
    "code": "grpRt2",
    "currencyCode": "USD",
    "longDescription": "If group book is used, call meeting organizer Mr. Amorim 555 634 8146.",
    "name": "Smith Wedding",
    "pmsCode": "SMITH1",
    "pmsGroupCode": "SMITHWED",
    "shortDescription": "Wedding party.",
    "specialInstructions": "Group would like all rooms on the same floor."
  "IndividualPaymentMethod": {
    "type": "GroupPaysAll"
  "Translations": [
      "Channel": {
        "code": "WEB"
      "Language": {
        "code": "fr-FR"
      "longDescription": "Si un livre de groupe est utilisé, appeler l'organisateur de la réunion M. Amorim 555 634 8146",
      "name": "Mariage Smith",
      "shortDescription": "Mariage"
  "MarketSegment": {
    "code": "LEISURE"
  "MarketSource": {
    "code": "REFERRAL"
  "Routing": {
    "folioNumber": "01",
    "routingCode": "ABA"
  "SalesManager": {
    "contactAddress": {
      "addressLine": [
        "123 Main St."
      "city": "Denver",
      "country": {
        "code": "US"
      "postalCode": "80012",
      "stateProv": {
        "code": "CO"
    "email": "",
    "fax": "555-123-4567",
    "firstName": "Larry",
    "lastName": "Walker",
    "middleInitial": "W",
    "primaryPhone": "555-123-1234",
    "secondaryPhone": "555-123-1235",
    "url": ""

Delete a Rate or Group Rate

[DELETE] /admin/product/ratePlan

  "code": "grpRt",
  "hotelid": 13098