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Sabre Scribe Red App Project Wizard

The Scribe Red App Project wizard creates a wrapping plug-in with Sabre Scribe scripts for Sabre Red 360.

Before you run this wizard, have your contact details and Red App ID ready.

After you run this wizard, the following are added:

  • A wrapping plugin.xml file, Java classes, and a redapp.xml file with your Red App ID

  • The visible and (optional) hidden folders that you specified. You must copy your scripts to these folders.

When you launch Sabre Red 360 in development mode with this plug-in, the Open SabreScript dialog displays your visible Sabre Scribe scripts. End-users can see and run the names of your visible scripts on the dialog under the name of your plug-in project. Hidden scripts are spawned by visible scripts, therefore, they are not displayed.