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Sabre Concierge Tool

Concierge is a helper tool for managing the Red App Web Module development cycle, providing common tasks for front-end development of web modules.

Installing Concierge

Concierge is packed with a npm pack command and is located at SDK_DIR\webmodules\tools\offline-bundle\sabre-concierge-x.y.z.tgz. To install Concierge, execute the following command in the offline-bundle directory:

npm install -g sabre-concierge-x.y.z.tgz

In case of any issues with installation you should extract the content of the sabre-concierge-x.y.z.tgz file and then, in the directory with the extracted files, run:

npm link

Installing the offline bundle and typings using Concierge

Typings are required for TypeScript compiler.

To install typings into the NGV directory (USER_DIR/.ngv/) and make them available to all modules, execute the following command in the SDK_DIR\webmodules\tools\offline-bundle\ directory:

ngv install

The installation process is handled by Concierge.

This step must be re-done each time the NGV directory is cleaned.

Upgrading Concierge

If you have an earlier version of sabre-concierge installed, then we advise upgrading:

  1. Remove everything from the sabre-concierge work dir (usually located in USER_DIR/.ngv/) - this can be done by using the ngv uninstall:all command.

  2. Delete the old Concierge with npm uninstall -g sabre-concierge.

  3. Install the new one from the SDK package, repeating two previous steps.

  4. After upgrade, web module needs to be updated. It can be done with command ngv update.

  5. After update, web module must be rebuild using the ngv build command.

For further information about Red App development, refer to the SDK documentation.