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Routehappy Amenities Process

  • Shopping is introducing an optional parameter in BFM and Revalidate request to return Routehappy Amenities data.
  • The shopping process relies on information stored in the Sabre Content databases from where it gets the Routehappy Amenities data.
  • Sabre Shopping consumes this data and decorates the response at the schedules description level, so when requested, customers can use this data to advertise the options in a better way.
  • Amenities may not be returned for all schedules. This will depend on carrier data filing through ATPCO Routehappy. Shopping will return Amenities for the schedules (if they are available) as well as remaining schedules without Amenities information accordingly.
  • Shopping returns amenities associated to the itinerary in specific cabin of the offer returned.
  • For Multiple fares per Itinerary and Multi Branded Fares, shopping will return amenities for multiple cabins, but still it will be associated to the itinerary in specific cabin. For example:
    • If the request is for flexible fares, main fare is economy, and flexible fare is business, shopping will return amenities associated with the economy and business cabins Economy, Premium, and first class amenities.

  • In a case of connections and different fares on segments (jump cabin logic), shopping will return amenities associated to that segment. For example:
    • For a trip AAA-BBB BBB-CCC, it may happen that the fare for AAA-BBB is in economy class and BBB-CCC is business class.
  • ​​​​​​​In this case, Intellisell will return amenities associated with economy class for the segment AAA-BBB and amenities associated with business class for the segment BBB-CCC.