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Retrieving Agent Work Area Data

  1. Before you begin, add an Activator class that inherits from AbstractEdgeBaseNonUIPlugin or AbstractEdgeBasePlugin to your plug-in project.

Add the following dependency to your plug-in:


  1. Obtain a reference to the IWorkAreaService service from the OSGI environment. If your plug-in has an activator that inherits from AbstractEdgeBaseNonUIPlugin or AbstractEdgeBasePlugin, the following line of code is all that you need.

IWorkAreaService service = Activator.getDefault().getServiceReference(IWorkAreaService. class);

  1. To obtain the current work area name in use, invoke the getWorkAreaInUse() method on IWorkAreaService.

WorkAreaData workArea = service.getWorkAreaInUse();

  1. To obtain a list of active work areas, invoke the getActiveWorkAreas() method.

Set <WorkAreaData> areas = service.getActiveWorkAreas();

        The object of type WorkAreaData also retrieves the following data about each active work area:

  • PCC


  • Work area name

        To obtain the data in this object, use the access methods that this class exposes.