Virtual Card Number (VCN) technology

  • Conferma’s Payments API can be integrated with any online booking platform or banking partner API.
  • Conferma’s VCN technology is available globally.
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Conferma is an expert in Virtual Card Number (VCN) technology for the settlement and reconciliation of corporate travel bookings.

A single connection to Conferma’s ecosystem allows access to multiple banking options to provide a suite of virtual payment options, both credit and prepaid, available across a multitude of booking channels including Global Distribution Systems, Online Booking Tools and Self-Booking Tools worldwide.

Conferma’s VCN technology enhances operational efficiencies and drives cost savings for Travel Management Companies (TMCs), whilst providing tighter payment controls and offering detailed data on corporate travel expenditure for TMCs and their clients.


  • Reduced corporate card abuse or even fraud
  • No need to issue plastic to infrequent travelers
  • VCNs cannot be lost or stolen

Tighter payment controls

  • Eliminate fraud and unauthorized spend
  • Set the maximum or exact amount that can be billed to a VCN
  • Define the exact time period in which the VCN can be billed
  • Restrict which supplier can bill the VCN by merchant category group

Enhanced process efficiencies

  • Seamless integration to booking tool
  • Automated reconciliation of booked and billed data
  • Eliminate manual, error-prone processes
  • VCN data flows automatically into back-office or ERP systems

Enriched Management Information

  • Gain a complete overview of your booked and billed data
  • Capture company-specific data e.g. cost center, project code
  • Clear audit trail to provide maximum transparency of spend
  • Enforce travel policy compliance