REST APIs: token credentials

Use one of two recommended options to construct your REST API sessionless token credentials.



Get your Sabre credentials from your Sabre account manager.

REST APIs: how to construct your token credentials using a base64-encoding tool

Learn how to base64-encode your string step-by-step using a base64-encoding tool.

Steps Description Format
Step 1: Build your Client ID. Build your Client ID using your: 1) EPR (a.k.a. User ID), 2) PCC (a.k.a. Group), 3) Domain ("AA" for Travel Network customers, or your airline code for Airline Solutions customers, e.g. "LA"). Separate each value with a colon. ( NOTE always use the static value of V1, regardless of the version of authentication you are using.) V1:userid:group:domain
Step 2: Base-64 encode your Client ID. Use a base64 encoding tool to encode your Client ID from step 1. VjE6dXNlcmlkOmdyb3VwOmRvbWFpbg==
Step 3: Base-64 encode your password. Use a base64 encoding tool to encode your Sabre APIs password. MTIzNDU=
Step 4: Make a concatenated string. Use your base64-encoded Client ID and base-64 encoded password from steps 3 & 4, and separate with a colon to make a concatenated string. VjE6dXNlcmlkOmdyb3VwOmRvbWFpbg==:MTIzNDU=
Step 5: Encode a single base-64 encoded string. Base64-encode your concatenated string from step 4 into a single base64 encoded string. VmpFNmRYTmxjbWxrT21keWIzVndPbVJ2YldGcGJnPT06TVRJek5EVT0=
Step 6: Verify your new token is valid. You can use a third-party client such as PostMan to verify your token is valid. N/A

REST APIs: how to construct your token credentials using Git Bash

Learn how to base-64 encode your token credentials using Bash.

Basic steps:

  1. From a Windows computer, go to Start.
  2. In the search box enter "bash" then hit Enter.
  3. Enter your client ID and password into the applicable fields:
    echo -n `echo -n "your client ID" | base64`:`echo -n "your password" | base64` |base64
  4. Copy and paste this into Git Bash, and hit Enter.
  5. Use this base-64 encoded string to get a token.

What's next?

Get a token

Your security token gets you connected to Sabre APIs.

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