Quick start checklist

Get up and running in a few minutes with step-by-step instructions on how to get connected to the Sabre universe.

Step 1 — Get a token

Get your Sabre and token credentials, then use these to get a token in order to call your agency's subset of Sabre APIs. If you're using a sessionless token, consider using an application such as PostMan. See REST APIs: PostMan requests. If you're using a session token, consider using SoapUI and our plug-and-play project file on GitHub to get a session token and call the Bargain Finder Max API. (Access to Bargain Finder Max is required).

Step 2 — Download sample code

Download sample code in your programming language of choice (with readme.md files and all) and start trying things out in the test environment.

Step 3 — Create your Dev Studio account

Create your Dev Studio account, then navigate to your agency's subset of Sabre APIs documentation on Dev Studio to verify you have access. If you want to take some of our REST APIs for a spin, try things out in API Explorer, which contains a subset of our REST APIs.

What's next?

Onboarding checklist

If you're just getting started, or joining a team that's already using Sabre APIs, circle back to the onboarding checklist to get up to speed.

Related topics

  • Know your environment. Get the endpoints and learn which environments to use in Sabre APIs: environments.
  • Learn how to construct a REST sessionless token. Use the step-by-step REST APIs: token credentials instructions with Git Bash or any base64-encoding tool .

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