Onboarding checklist

We've broken down the basics of getting started with Sabre APIs with this handy new developer checklist.

Want to skip ahead? Go to our quick start guide. (It's really quick.)

Step 1 — Get a token


  1. Get your Sabre credentials from your Sabre account manager. Your Sabre credentials get you access to the Sabre GDS.
  2. Use your Sabre credentials to construct your token credentials. Your token credentials are your signature to Sabre APIs.
  3. Use your token credentials to get a token. Your security token gets you connected to Sabre APIs.

Learn how to get a token

Step 2 — How to manage a token


  1. Get ideas from a detailed air shop/book workflow as to how you can sequence and end a passenger name record in relation to the front-end actions of a traveler.
  2. Learn more about the security tokens used to connect to Sabre APIs.
  3. Download our plug-and-play session token manager to manage session tokens, or mirror the logic to create your own in-house token management solution.

Learn how to manage a token

Step 3 — Start playing/building


  1. Learn how to optimize your workflows to reduce the number of calls to the Sabre APIs production system.
  2. Download reusable sample code and start building. You might consider starting out in the test environment.
  3. Learn more About Sabre APIs, ways to use them, common errors, and our environments.
  4. Share files/ask questions with the Stack Overflow community.

Step 4 — Use our guides to navigate the Sabre universe


  1. Use your Sabre credentials to create your Dev Studio account.
  2. Learn about common terms used by airlines, travel agents, and Sabre.
  3. Explore workflows for all sorts of common travel transactions to get you started.
  4. Explore some of our other customer tools for a "deep dive" into the Sabre universe.
  5. Refer to Sabre APIs 101 for best practices, guides, and tips for your in-house processes.

Learn how to navigate the Sabre universe

Keep in touch…


  1. Get the latest Sabre APIs news and updates on the Release Notes site.
  2. Ask questions/share files with the Stack Overflow community.
  3. Monitor which APIs are set to retire on the API deprecation schedule.
  4. Ask your Sabre account manager to add you to our email distribution list.

Related topics

  • Read the onboarding checklist. You're already reading it now! Follow the onboarding checklist in order, and use the sidebar like a table of contents.
  • Read our "how to" guides and best practices. Read the "how to" tutorials, best practices, and Sabre APIs 101 reference guides.
  • Learn how to construct a REST sessionless token. Use the step-by-step REST APIs: token credentials instructions with Git Bash or any base64-encoding tool.
  • Quickly validate your token credentials were set-up properly. See REST APIs: PostMan requests.
  • Learn SOAP request requirements. Identify required values and request format for all SOAP APIs in SOAP APIs: request format.
  • Learn about passenger name records. Identify requirements and get sequencing ideas in Sabre APIs 101: Intro to PNRs.

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