Learn about the multiple multiple environments for consuming Sabre APIs for client development, customer acceptance testing, and production.


Verify with your Sabre account manager that you have been granted access to the environments you need.

How to access our environments

Your Sabre account manager can grant you access to our environments, which can be accessed via the following URLs:


  • Certification/Test: https://api-crt.cert.havail.sabre.com
  • Production: https://api.havail.sabre.com


  • Certification/Test: https://sws-crt.cert.havail.sabre.com
  • Production: https://webservices.havail.sabre.com

See also: "High Availability" FAQs (.pdf) for details on these URLs.

How to reduce calls to Sabre

A scan charge is any call to the Sabre APIs production system that incurs a fee. Learn how you can optimize your application workflow to reduce the number of calls to the Sabre APIs production system. See also: Best practices: optimize workflows.

Which environment to use


  • Test Sabre APIs before you deploy your application to production
  • View the response format of a specific API
  • Experiment, develop code and fix bugs
  • Send and cancel "test" passenger name records (PNRs)


  • Complete bookings
  • Access ticketless carriers
  • Conduct a complete beta test of your application
  • Sabre APIs support 24 x 7 x 365

NOTE You must cancel any production environment bookings, passenger name records created for test purposes. If these bookings are not canceled, you and possibly your customers will be billed by suppliers or other vendors for all associated fees.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why do I only receive results for my origin/destination in the production environment?
If you are using a cache-based REST API, certification/test environment data is limited and subject to availability.

Why can't I ticket a flight in the certification environment?
Not all airline carrier data (e.g. ticketless carriers) is accessible or returned in the certification environment.

Do I need to cancel test bookings made in the production environment?
Yes. If not, you and possibly your customers will be billed by suppliers or other vendors for all associated fees. We highly recommend you do not issue "test" tickets in the production environment with test passenger name records.

I'm looking to do some stress testing in "test" prior to production. Is there anything special I need to do prior to?
Please let your Sabre account manager know. These types of tests require notification of at least 5 business days before conducting tests.

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