How to navigate the Sabre universe

We've compiled this list of essential tools to help you navigate the Sabre universe—starting with creating your Dev Studio account.

Basic Steps


Get your iPCC/PCC from your Sabre account manager.

Step 1 — Create your Dev Studio account

Create your account on Dev Studio to access your agency's subset of Sabre APIs documentation.


Sabre APIs documentation gives you the information you need in order to determine the required data elements for a given API, so you can start building. First, you'll need to register for a Dev Studio account using your agency's PCC.

How to register for an account

  1. Go to the Register page.
  2. Enter any memorable user name and password.
  3. Important! Enter the Pseudo City Code (PCC or iPCC) provided by your Sabre account manager.
  4. Enter any name for the "Application Name" field (this field is arbitrary and only used to name your API Explorer application).
  5. Check "I agree to terms".
  6. Click "Register".

NOTE API Explorer contains a subset of publicly-available Sabre APIs in our certification environment. It does not use your agency's PCC to determine access to your agency's subset of Sabre APIs.

How to verify you have access

  1. Sign-in to Dev Studio.
  2. Go to the list of all Sabre APIs.
  3. Use the in-page filters to navigate to your agency's subset of Sabre APIs documentation.

Not a customer yet?

Still mulling things over? No problem.

If you are not a current customer, register for a (free) Dev Studio account. You can take a subset of our REST APIs for a spin with API Explorer.

Step 2 — Refer to the glossary to understand common terms

Understand some of the common terms you may encounter.

The travel industry has a lot of confusing terms. "Ancillary fee"—huh? We talked to customers, gathered the most common terms in our documentation, and added the terms to one page. For example, when you hear the term "bundled ancillaries" that means ancillary fees are included in the published base fare, also known as "branded fares."

Learn more via the glossary

Step 3 — Discover ways to use Sabre APIs

Explore workflows for all sorts of common travel transactions to get you started.

These workflows represent common transactions to help you build high quality applications using Sabre APIs. Each workflow contains a brief list of sequential steps designed to combine Sabre APIs for common scenarios.

Learn more via workflows

Pick up a little more inspiration along the way.

Incorporate theme-based shopping, create an air shopping map, or retrieve the lowest fares for the next 6 months. Here you will find a library of apps and videos showing a glimpse of what others have created with our REST APIs.

Learn more via the REST APIs: demo gallery

Step 4 — Circle back to these tools throughout your journey

Explore some of our other customer tools for a "deep dive" into the Sabre universe.

Travel Network (TN) customers

Resource Description
Format Finder The help reference for Sabre formats and processes
Agency eServices The online support hub for our travel agency customers

Airline Solutions (AS) customers

Resource Description
Community Portal Details on concepts like Sabre host commands
FOCUS The Automated Reference System available via any Sabre terminal emulator by simply typing "FOCUS" on the command line

NOTE Log-in may be required. The login ID for these tools is the same as your Sabre and/or token credentials.

Step 5 — Refer to Sabre APIs 101

These "how to" tutorials, best practices, and reference guides can help you navigate and address common questions to getting started with Sabre APIs.

Discover best practices, passenger name record requirements, featured orchestrated APIs, how to format a SOAP request, or quick ways to base64-encode your REST API token credentials.

Learn more via Sabre APIs 101

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

I'm just trying things out and am not a customer yet. Can I use my API Explorer client ID and client secret to create my token credentials?
Yes. Sign-in to Dev Studio, click My Account at the top right, then use your Client ID and Client Secret to create your single base64-encoded string for your REST APIs: token credentials, and get a token. You can use this token to call any of the REST APIs available in API Explorer.

Why don't I have access to documentation for an API that is part of my contract?
You must have created a Dev Studio account and specified your Pseudo City Code (PCC). If you did not create an account using the correct agency PCC, you won't have access to your agency's specific subset of Sabre APIs.

Can I add my PCC to my existing account? I created a free Dev Studio account a while back and recently became a new customer.
No. You must either create a new account, contact your Sabre account manager, or submit a ticket.

Do I have to sign-up for a free Dev Studio account to access documentation?
No. What you see (publicly-available) is what you get. If you are not a current customer, signing up for a free Dev Studio account means you get access to API Explorer. (If you are a current customer, you must sign-up for a Dev Studio account and include your PCC to access your agency's subset of documentation.)

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