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Request and Response Updates


v1.19 schema version includes the following main items in the response:

  • Ability to mark PNRs as suspicious
  • New capabilities for hotel content (CRUD)
  • Ability to choose PQ (PriceQuoteServicesRQ) service version
  • Additional fields in UpdateResercationRS
  • New flexible way of using Views and Subject Areas

Ability to mark PNRs as suspicious

Enables authorized users to mark PNRs as suspicious. This functionality enables to:

  • Mark PNR's as suspicious (UpdateRes) - authorized users only (Ice_attribute)
  • Read (GetRes) and update (UpdateRes) that information stored in PNR:
    • Score
    • Description
    • Reporter type
  • Add multiply records to one PNR - different type of users can add score and description

New capabilities for hotel content (CRUD)

The new Lodging Platform will enable customers to connect to different sources of content. They will be able to provide rates from different suppliers for the same hotel and allow the customer to choose which one to book. Sabre integrates multiple sources of content including GDS (referenced as GDS properties) and nonGDS sources such as aggregators(referenced later as aggregator properties). In other words, a hotel booking can be done regardless of content source:

  • Traditional hoteliers through the GDS path (Hilton, Marriott etc)
  • Suppliers through a direct connect, mostly hotel aggregators (Expedia, Bedsonline,, etc)

Ability to choose PQ (PriceQuoteServicesRQ) service version

Customers have now the possibility to choose version of PriceQuoteServicesRQ API. This will only apply when Subject Area PRICE_QUOTE is used in request. Default value for this service is set to 3.2.0.

Additional fields in UpdateReservationRS

Additional fields are now added to UpdateReservationRQ as a result of aligning gaps between TravelItineraryRead API GetReservation API. This project enables UpdateReservationRS and GetReservationRS APIs to populate information:

  • Meal codes within Air segment: This information is included in response only when DSS subject area is specified in RQ. This SubjectArea is already a predefined in Default view and in ACTIVE Subject area (which is a set of subject areas)

  • PrimeHostID - an identification code for the prime host (global distribution system) associated with the reservation

Flexible way of using Views and Subject Areas

STL is now in a transition mode to new model of views and subject areas. Few major changes were introduced in this area in order to make views more flexilble.

  • Default and Full views will allow to add custom Subject areas to the request
  • Full view will be enhanced to include also information stored in DSS and open systems by default
  • New Subject areas are introduced to enable capabilities of views that were previously predefined in some specific views:
    • ACTIVE -set of subject areas that include information about airline booking.
    • HISTORICAL Those changes were made to enable customers to create a custom view using just Subject Areas without a need to extend the view that was previously custom-made.