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Release Notes

Looking for the latest features and enhancements to Sabre APIs? You're in the right place.

Service Action Code: PaymentRQ
Method/Endpoint: /v1/products
  • RemarkLines has been added in PaymentRQ
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Service Action Code: StructureFareRulesRQ
  • Penalties per Fare Component - new capability to request and return penalties information per Fare Component in addition to penalties information for Journey Level.
  • No-Show penalty - new capability of returning No-Show penalty information.
  • Taxes Before and After Departure – new feature of returning refundability information of YQ and YR tax types under TAX element.
  • Update of Index on Journey Level – enhancement to match index of FareComponentID number in Journey Level and FareComponentNumber in FareComponentData.
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Service Action Code: PassengerDetailsRQ
  • (04/04/2023) 3.4.0 and 3.5.0 - From now on the API will trim leading "+" character from the telephone numbers sent at .../TravelItineraryAddInfoRQ/CustomerInfo/ContactNumbers/ContactNumber/@Phonenumber. - Previously, such requests generated an error message ".FRMT.NOT ENT BGNG WITH" from downline systems.
  • (04/04/2023) - Fixed an issue where the addition of payment card information (.../SpecialReqDetails/AddRemarkRQ/RemarkInfo/FOP_Remark) without manual approval code caused API failures.
  • (04/04/2023) - Modified repeat factor at ...PostProcessing/QueuePlace/QueueInfo/QueueIdentifier from 3 to 10. This allows sending a PNR to up to 10 PNR queues.
  • (05/30/2023) [Part 1] Added capability to associate form of payment with its specific use type.
  • (05/30/2023) [Part 2] Added new request schema element /PassengerDetailsRQ/SpecialReqDetails/AddRemarkRQ/RemarkInfo/FOP_Remark_Association to pass all supported use types (allowed values are "AZ" - All, "AN" - Ancillary, "AL" - Airline, "BU" - Bus/Ground Transportation, "CR" - Car, "CS" - Cruise, "HL" - Hotel, "IN" - Insurance, "LC" - Low-Cost Carrier, "OT" - Other, "RL" - Rail, "SS" - Specialty Service, "TR" - Tour, "IR" - Interface Record).
  • (05/30/2023) [Part 3] You can either associate existing forms of payment or add new ones together with association.
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