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Release Notes

Looking for the latest features and enhancements to Sabre APIs? You're in the right place.

Method/Endpoint: / Digital Connect - Self Service
Service Action Code: TicketingDocumentServicesRQ
  • In this version new functionality was introduced.
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Method/Endpoint: /v1/trip/orders/
  • CreateBooking will start supporting the optional issuing country information for Known Traveler Number documents (DOCO formats).
  • CreateBooking will start supporting information about the place and date of issue for VISA identity documents (DOCO formats) as optional fields.
  • GetBooking will start supporting the expiration date for Visa documents (DOCO formats).
  • Void/Refund/Check Flight Tickets methods will start processing conjunctive ticket numbers.
  • GetBooking will start returning additional flight-related information: hidden stops and the number of seats occupied by the travelers.
  • GetBooking will allow obtaining additional information stored for hotel bookings like the guest association to a room and loyalty numbers.
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Service Action Code: PaymentRQ
  • In this version new functionality, enhancements and defect fixes were introduced.
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Service Action Code: PaymentQueryRQ
  • In this version new functionality was introduced.
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