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Release Notes

Looking for the latest features and enhancements to Sabre APIs? You're in the right place.

Service Action Code: EnhancedVehBookRQ
  • The Enhanced Vehicle Book API facilitates the booking of vehicle content by means of either a "Vehicle Booking Key" or the traditional method of passing full rate details.
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Method/Endpoint: /v1/api/reservation
  • The Reservation messages now support sending emails to an Alternate email address.
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Service Action Code: AirTicketLLSRQ
  • Added capability to pass discount manual approval code.
  • Added capability to indicate the manual OB fee for a single form of payment.
  • Added capability of indicating selling fare and discount amount for net remit transactions.
  • Added capability of indicating baggage allowance per flight segment.
  • (18/11/2021) Added capability to allow combination of cash/check + credit card separated by "¤" (change_key character) under …OptionalQualifiers/FOP_Qualifiers/MultipleCC_FOP.
  • (01/20/22) The API has been updated to support using currency code. The new optional attribute is located at …AirTicketRQ/OptionalQualifiers/PricingQualifiers/@CurrencyCode
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