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Release Notes

Looking for the latest features and enhancements to Sabre APIs? You're in the right place.

Service Action Code: ExchangeShoppingRQ
  • The service has redesigned request and response schema
  • It is no longer necessary to provide PNR locator, the API will not modify the current PNR if provided.
  • Service now supports up to 9 ticket numbers (passengers)
  • Service response will return up to 50 solutions
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Service Action Code: GetTicketingProfileRQ
  • Each airline partition can have multiple ticketing stations which are identified by a unique station number. The Station Profile displays the list of ticketing locations or stations for an airline, and the foundational ticketing abilities for each location. Ticketing profile web service provides the ability to search and retrieve carrier profile settings associated to ticket capabilities via XML based web services. Services exposed for Airline Solutions: Retrieve carrier starion info (GetStationProfile)
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