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Registering Your Own Service in a Red App

When Red Apps register a service, they do not register a service context. During registration, the execution context is passed. The service context is mainly used as a holder for the ID of the Red App that is performing registration.

Red Apps provide the following information when they register their services:

  • Service name is a unique name that identifies your service in SRWRuntime. You create this name, and other Red Apps use this name to access the service in your Red App. Your name must conform to the requirements for service names.

  • Service reference is the object of the class that implements the IService interface. This is a class that your Red App implements.

  • RequestorId (also called a Red App ID). Some communications services require your Red App to pass a RequestorId. The Requestor ID is the Red App ID, a unique identifier that Sabre assigns to every Red App when a Red App proposal is approved.

You also use Eclipse to add the extension point to plugin.xml.