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Red Apps

Red App is the end product of Sabre Red 360 SDK. You can think of a red app as a custom module that can be assigned, installed and run by a Sabre instance.

Web Red Apps and Desktop Red Apps

Due to the technologies used, we distinguish two types of Red Apps:

  • Web Red Apps

  • Desktop Red Apps

Web Red Apps

Web Red Apps consist solely of web module and are created using well known web technologies such as TypeScript or React. They run on all platforms supported by Sabre Red 360, that is, on the desktop and on the web (in a web browser).

Desktop Red Apps

Desktop Red Apps, in addition to the web module, may also contain code written in Java. In exchange, they can only run on the desktop.

Due to the priority of Sabre Red 360 web platform, it is now highly recommended to create Web Red Apps.

Private and Public Red Apps

Due to their availability, we distinguish following types of Red apps:

  • Private Red Apps

  • Public Red Apps

Private Red Apps

Private Red Apps are Red Apps whose creation was ordered by one organization and there is no point in exposing them publicly to other companies.

Public Red Apps

Public Red Apps are Red Apps that are available on the Sabre Central Marketplace and every customer can place an order for those. Public Red Apps are usually offered by Sabre or external companies like content providers or technology providers within the travel industry.