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Red App Wizards Overview

The Sabre Red 360 Software Development Kit consist of Red App wizards and Red App help. To use the wizards and help, you must install the development tools software separately, after you set up your Red App target platform. For installation and upgrade procedures, see Setup for Desktop Red App Development.

The wizards are a quick way to create plug-in projects with minimal functionality. Review the descriptions and select a wizard to create the type of plug-in project that you want.

The wizard descriptions list the information that you need to provide when you run the wizard, however, you can always update your plug-in project properties and other values later.

Each Red App wizard has unique screens, but most of the wizards require you to add basic minimal information on a common screen as described in Creating Projects with Red App Wizards.

After you create a plug-in with a wizard, add your own content, modify the project, or deploy it in Sabre Red 360 in development mode to experiment.

  Some of the wizards add menu entries to the application launcher bar. If you need to add contributions to other menus, manually add them later.

When you are ready to submit your Red App to Sabre, you can also use the Red App Bundle export wizard to create and secure your Red App bundle.