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Red App Wizards

Sabre Red 360 Software Development Kit includes the following Red App wizards that automate the work of developers.

Red App Wizards Overview - Discusses the Red App wizards and has links to related topics, such as how to run the wizards

Scribe Red App Project - Creates a wrapping plug-in for Sabre Scribe scripts use in Sabre Red 360

Swing Red App Project - Creates a wrapping plug-in that displays a Swing Red App in an editor

Web Red App Project - Integrates a web app either in a custom editor, or in a default editor or view

Red App Editor - Adds an editor to an existing plug-in project

Red App View - Adds a view to an existing plug-in project, and optionally, associates the view with an editor

Red App Contact Details - Adds the com.sabre.edge.redapp.contactdetails.provider extension point and its required elements to an existing plugin.xml file in your project

Red App Bundle - Exports a plug-in project to a Red App bundle ZIP file