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Red App View Wizard

The Red App View wizard adds a view to an existing plug-in project. (A view is rendered as an application window, which is called an assistant tool in Sabre Red 360.)

Before you run this wizard, have the Plug-in ID of the project to which you will add your view, a label for the view window and Tools menu (Name field) in Sabre Red 360, and a name for your view class ready.

The Ratio field is the initial proportion of the workspace viewing area for the emulator. The Ratio field does NOT set a ratio for the view.

You can associate this view with any of the following types of editors:

  • Emulator (also called classic view)

  • Other. Other is intended for a custom editor that you wrote. If you choose Other, the value you type sets edgeActiveEditorId.

        The Editor ID is the identifier of a custom editor within your Red App project to associate with your view. The format is the fully-qualified editor class name.

You can add a button to the application side bar to open the view. If you do not add your view to the side bar, it is automatically added to the Tools Main menu.

After you run this wizard, extension points and classes are added to the plugin.xml file.

When you launch Sabre Red 360 in development mode with this plug-in, choose a menu entry or button on the application side bar to open your editor or view.

An example of the Red App View wizard screen follows.

sdk redappviewwizardscreen