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Red App Sample Plug-ins Overview

A Red App sample plug-in is a plug-in project that is ready to import and integrate into your workspace in Eclipse IDE. These plug-ins are comparable to "sample code" because you can use them to learn how to create plug-ins for Sabre Red 360, experiment, and test and debug your own plug-in projects.

The Sabre Red 360 Software Development Kit has variety of sample plug-in projects that are packaged as individual archive files.

The sample plug-ins include all files and components that a plug-in project needs. The following may be included, depending on the type of plug-in:

        Extension points, classes, APIs, basic working code, such as Java or HTML, a sample image file, and project files, such as plugin.xml, MANIFEST.MF, and

After you import a sample plug-in, add your own content and modify the plug-in.